Out That Way, In This Way! Players Arsenal Needs To Buy & Sell In January

Arsenal have had a complex start to the 2017/18 season. With Wenger rotating a balanced team for the Premier League, and a team of young, ambitious talent for the Europa League and the domestic cups. Now comes the January transfer window and it might be the best time to reinforce the team while at the same time showing others the door. I can’t bore you with stats and goals because football nowadays isn’t based on that. But I can explain to you why some should leave and some should arrive.

Theo Walcott: OUT

Well, he’s getting old to begin with and his performance is dipping on a match-to-match basis. Long ago, both Theo and Arsenal used to depend on his speed but nowadays everyone seems to catch up with him. That salary he gets and that slot he keeps both need to go. Why the manager hangs on to him, I’m not yet sure, but he has to go to move forward with his career. Just like when we let Carlos Vela go; I mean he did well where he landed and we all moved on, didn’t we? Same rules must apply here.

Mohamed Elneny: OUT

I need an explanation. I’m serious. I need to know what Elneny has actually contributed to the team. Every now and then Elneny seems to just be running around in circles. Is he a holding midfielder or an attacking midfielder? Still not sure. But he has to go. There’s no other logical explanation.

Calum Chambers: OUT

I repeat this, money and position is a total waste. This guy needs to go to an Italian club so that he can learn football the hard way. Put a buy-back option in if he has to go, because I see potential in him. Only 22 years of age. Maybe at 25 he will be something worth fighting for, but not now. Do not loan him out, simply sell him and put some clause in the deal just in case we one day want him back.

Alexis Sanchez: OUT

I’m not one for rumors and Sanchez is as confusing as an ex-wife who calls you every day. If he intends to leave, January should be the right time. Make a pound or two because if he leaves in the summer, we won’t make anything. I know Wenger doesn’t mind him running down his contract, but he has to go, and January is now or never. As long as he isn’t going to play in the Premier League, it will be good for him, his dogs, and all Arsenal fans.

Mesut Özil: IN

Please Professor Wenger, make him sign a new contract because we all know this guy has his mood swings but, whenever he plays, his heart, mind, and soul are all in. He is the 40+ million signing that was a gamble but has paid off in a number of ways. The team should be built around him and Ramsey. I call them both the loose canons of Arsenal because you don’t know where they will hit. And he has one of the highest impacts on the club.

Julian Draxler: IN

PSG have so much talent, they don’t know who can play or go, but one thing for sure is that Draxler is like a lost sheep in a team of wolves and he needs a transfer as soon as possible. We all know how good he is, so forget the £35.5m PSG paid for him, the Arsenal should put £40 million on the table no questions asked and secure him this winter. If Arsenal do go for him – and get him – I will call him the THE WINTER SOLDIER! He’s good on the ball and that left flank will be balanced, with Sead Kolasînac at the back and Julian Draxler upfront. That will be the deadly left end.

Steven N’Zonzi: IN

This is like love at first sight. Wasn’t he said to be on his way to Arsenal a few years back? Anyways, if the rumors are true and he was spotted in London for an Arsenal meet, then I personally think he is the right player to hold that central midfield spot on lock. A very strong player with a fruitful background: 100+ caps with Sevilla, 120 caps with Stoke City, and 90+ caps with Blackburn. He has experience in both La Liga and the Premier League, topped off with elite Champions League experience too. N’Zonzi is the right man for Arsenal without a doubt.

Virgil Van Dijk: IN

I will put this very simply. £55 million on the table and Southampton will not take a second to think about it. I don’t need to explain much further. There is a defensive issue that should be resolved in January and not in the summer. Sign him and rotate the defense. It is that simple. He is the only defender that makes a sensible purchase option and I know he will be happy at Arsenal. Truth be told, as soon as I started playing FIFA 18, he was the first purchase I brought into Arsenal. Even the game understood that. Very strong player capable of holding the back. We need battlefield soldiers who will hold the fort down at all costs necessary.

The above mentioned players can make Arsenal a threat to all top four teams. We already showed Manchester United what to expect when we go to Old Trafford and everyone else understood: we are out here for a reason and we are not backing out of the fight until the last second. Wenger might see other alternatives, but those mentioned here are about as good as they get. The team is almost complete. A few changes here and there and we’ll have a raging bull no cowboy will dare to ride. Believe me when I say, there’s a storm coming so the whole Premier League should be well prepared.