The End Of Theo Walcott? Arsenal Plan £52m Julian Draxler Signing

With Theo Walcott’s poor performance last season, many, if not all Arsenal fans, are frustrated with the former Southampton player and would love to see him replaced in the current Arsenal team ahead of the new season. And to be fair, you can’t blame the Arsenal fans, the Gunners in my opinion can certainly do better than Theo Walcott.

I am of the opinion that Arsenal would have won the league last season if someone like Walcott for instance had delivered. Giroud scored over 16 league goals last season, which is truly poor but if someone like Walcott had not failed Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, Arsenal would have won the league.

Walcott has faltered to deceive ever since he joined Arsenal and one can’t blame the fans for wanting Wenger to replace him. But if you believe reports in both the German and the British dailies this week, Arsenal may be on the verge of signing a player that will ensure Gooners the world over see less of Theo Walcott in their team.

According to reports in England and in Germany Arsenal are interested German National team star Julian Draxler. According to the reports, the player has told Wolfsburg he wants to leave and is likely to be available for £52 million. A price many media outlets confirm Wenger is considering paying. Walcott replacement on the way then?

The Wenger I know certainly won’t be signing a £52 million player to put him on the bench which means Walcott only gets to play if Wenger chooses to play Draxler in other roles – if the Gunners successfully get him that is. Or whenever there is a need for rotation. The good thing is, there are likely to be few clubs interested in signing Draxler. Manchester United who have also been linked with the signing of the former Schalke 04 player have just signed Mkhitaryan and seem focused on a transfer record breaking deal for Paul Pogba, surely they won’t be interested in Draxler for now. Well, my opinion at least.

Draxler, 22, currently plays with German club Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. He may not be world class right now but those who have seen him play know he has the potential to become world class. His contract expires in 2020 which means Wolfsburg are in a position of strength but if Arsenal are truly interested in him, it means Wenger feels Arsenal have a chance of convincing Wolfsburg to sell.

Draxler is often played mainly as a winger both for the German national team and for Wolfsburg but he can also play as a false nine. His ability to play as a striker is particularly interesting especially as it seems all strikers that Arsenal can buy are priced beyond what Wenger will be ready to pay. Morata for £60 million for instance.

Arsenal have been relatively busy so far as they have already acquired Granit Xhaka for a rumored £30
million transfer fee. But having been linked with the signing of different strikers, Arsenal are still unable to bring in someone who can put a away the numerous chances the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez create hence the links to Draxler will be a sort of double edged sword for the Gunners if Wenger manages to pull off the signing.