View from Basel: Who is Arsenal target Mohamed Elneny?

According to various reports, Arsenal are set to sign FC Basel midfielder, Mohamed Elneny. Like most traditional Arsene Wenger signings, the 23-year-old Egyptian is pretty much a virtual unknown.

Luckily, we spoke to @FC_Basel_en to ask all about the prospective Gunners midfielder. Read on below:

In one word, describe Mohamed Elneny.


How do Basel fans feel about him possibly leaving?

We obviously don’t want him to leave, but we are happy that another player is on the brink of joining a good club — it helps our prestige and is one of the rewards we can gather after years of good work.

We are hopeful that the club board will find an adequate replacement.

What are his best qualities?

Elneny has a high work rate. He causes a few errors but fights to get the ball back when it’s lost. His passes are high in quality and quantity and he’ll keep the game lively.

Does he have any weaknesses?

Physically, he isn’t as strong as he could be, nor is he technically very strong.

Does he suit the Premier League?

It really depends on the team and what you expect from him.

He won’t be your playmaker that shines with impeccable skill and cunningness, but he’ll keep the game alive and move it around. I think most players are suited for the Premier League if they are used and bought for an adequate position.

Is Arsenal an ideal destination for him and his style of play?

He’s similar to Francis Coquelin, so I would say yes, but Arsenal is a huge step for him. That’s why I would also expect from the fans to give him some time to acclimatise to the higher level of play.

Where do you see him in a few years?

Hopefully in a starting position! Just due to his mentality and work rate, he would deserve it. Worst case, he will “downgrade” to a mid table team in the Premier League or join a different league. I doubt he’ll remain on the bench for long if he doesn’t manage to succeed at Arsenal.

Any last thoughts on Mohamed Elneny?

Hopefully he’ll perform well if he joins Arsenal.