Jose Mourinho thinks rivals are “buying” Premier League title

Jose Mourinho is by no means a shy man. The manager of the current Premier League champions has recently voiced his opinion on the acquisitions made by Chelsea’s rivals this summer.

With Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool (to name a few) among the clubs spending the most money on new talent this season, Mourinho doesn’t appear to agree with that approach. He has reportedly accused other clubs of attempting to “buy” the title.

Although Chelsea have been known to spend money in past seasons (for example, the £86.5 million spent last summer), they have been relatively quiet during this window, especially in comparison to their Premier League opponents.

Mourinho was a part of the Chelsea spending early in the Roman Abramovich era when the club faced allegations similar to the ones the Portuguese manager is dishing out.

“In the beginning of Mr. Abramovich coming to Chelsea, Chelsea was buying the title,” said Mourinho.
“Now, they are buying the title.”

Mourinho is not wrong about the excessive spending from Chelsea’s rivals. However, by admitting to being a part of an attempt to buy the title (a successful one, it should be noted), perhaps Mourinho isn’t against the spending. Rather, we we could just be hearing yet another shrewd observation from Mr. Mourinho.