Liverpool sign Danny Ings

After repeated talks of Burnley’s Danny Ings moving to Merseyside, Liverpool officially have their man.

The 22-year-old striker had a strong showing for Burnley this season, despite the side being relegated. Ings managed to score 11 league goals – coincidentally more than any Liverpool player scored – and managed four assists as well. Now, he has agreed to head to goal-hungry Anfield on a free transfer to fight for a spot up top.

Just one season after scoring 101 goals as a team, Liverpool managed to squeeze out just over half of that total with 52, mostly thanks to their underwhelming striking force of Mario Balotelli (1), Fabio Borini (1), Rickie Lambert (2) and Daniel Sturridge who had four goals in an injury-plagued campaign.

Do the math, and Liverpool’s strikers scored a grand total of eight goals in the Premier League. That’s three goals short of Ings’ total.

It’s tough to gauge whether or not this is a positive move for Liverpool. The club looked at Ings when he was in his best form halfway through the season, but continued their pursuit even as he burned out a bit at the end.

This was a free transfer, but it still has many Liverpool supporters shaking their heads and wondering if the club could have signed better options to lead the attack.

However, because he was a free transfer, this signing is a no-brainer. Signing a young goalscorer with untapped potential at a young age while keeping funds available for more proven players isn’t a bad move.

Because of the lack of Champions League football for Liverpool next season, high-profile players aren’t very interested in an Anfield move. Anything that changes Liverpool’s attack from last season is probably an improvement. Taking a chance on Ings was a move Liverpool had to make.