Morgan Schneiderlin likely to leave, admits Matt Le Tissier

It is no rumour that Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin is looking for greener pastures. Last season, Schneiderlin attempted to force a move through to a bigger club, but was ultimately unsuccessful, admitting “in business there is no mercy”.

According to Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier however, Schneiderlin’s wishes may come true this transfer window. Speaking to Sky Sports:

“It’s probably more likely that he’ll leave than stay. The big question is whether a top-four side meets his valuation.Out of those sides it is Manchester United that need him most as they still require strengthening in that position.

Schneiderlin is the sort of player they should be looking for, having proven over the last few seasons that he can mix it with the top sides.It sounds like they’ve been looking at Schweinsteiger but if they don’t get him then Schneiderlin becomes their number one target.

We paid about £1million for him back in 2008 so with a couple of promotions and another decent transfer fee it certainly represents another good return.

I think Southampton have always been fair with players and not stood in their way when bigger clubs have met their valuation, which was shown last summer.

Amid the barrage of misleading information and fabricated speculation, this can be taken as a positive indication not only for Arsenal fans but for Manchester United fans.

With Schneiderlin (plus a few more) in the ranks, Manchester United will have strength in depth that will help in their title bid next season. More importantly however, he could prove to be a worthy successor to Michael Carrick.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, watch this performance versus Arsenal: