Chelsea’s awards dinner sees rivals mocked

Whenever given the spotlight, Jose Mourinho never fails to disappoint. Or, rather, entertain.

Although Eden Hazard, Kurt Zouma, and Oscar walked away from Chelsea’s awards dinner with awards of their own, they weren’t the highlights of the evening. While speaking at the Chelsea Player of the Year Awards on Tuesday, the Special One had some special words for some of his league rivals – specifically Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal.

Mourinho, with the help of graphics, described four teams. The first team, whom Mourinho described as playing with no goals, was a clear reference to Manchester United, who played a good game of possession but were a bit lacking in the final third.

The second team, playing with only one goal, was a reference to Manchester City and no doubt Sergio Aguero’s goalscoring record in the past season.

Mourinho admitted that the third team played with both goals, but accused them of only playing from January to April. Perhaps the biggest stab of all, it was directed at Arsenal for their poor form in the first half of the season.

Finally, Mourinho described his own team’s style of play in the 2014-2015 season, displaying why they deserved the Premier League trophy standing behind him. He didn’t miss an opportunity to make a jab at those who accuse Chelsea of “parking the bus,” either.

Even though Chelsea were in spectacular form this season, Mourinho ended Chelsea’s awards dinner by recognizing how much more challenging the upcoming 2015-2016 season would be–especially after mocking the likes of Louis van Gaal, Arsene Wenger, and Manuel Pellegrini.

For now, however, Jose and his team are content to be champions, and to make sure their rivals don’t forget it.