Premier League given extra Europa League spot

The Premier League has been granted an extra Europa League spot ahead of the 2015/2016 season thanks to fair play.

Because England finished second in UEFA’s Fair Play table, the team which tops the Premier League’s Fair Play table will be allowed to compete in the Europa League next season.

Liverpool currently occupy that position but are already going to be playing in Europe due to their current 5th place position.

As a result, one of West Ham (second), Everton (third) or Burnley (fifth) could end up participating in Europe next season depending on how the rest of the league season goes.

Manchester City currently occupy fourth but are likely to play in the Champions League next season which allows Sean Dyche’s side an unlikely chance of playing in Europe even if they get relegated this season.

No matter which team ends up with the extra spot, it’s always healthy for the Premier League to have more teams participating in Europe.